Project results

Horizon 2020 fact sheet

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FCH2RAIL deliverable D1.3 Report on generic requirements for bi-mode fuel cell hybrid trains

This deliverable summarizes the characteristics of the services operated with multiple units, mainline locomotives and shunting locomotives. It develops vehicle specifications to meet the demands derived from various use cases and establishes the requirements for state-of-the-art hydrogen vehicles and Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Packs (FCHPP).

Download deliverable  1.3  here.


FCH2RAIL deliverable D1.5 – Hydrogen refuelling and storage requirements for rail vehicles

This deliverable summarizes the hydrogen refuelling and storage requirements for rail vehicles. It is based on an evaluation of different hydrogen on-board storage systems, existing hydrogen refuelling protocols and state-of-the-art diesel refuelling of rail vehicle.

Download deliverable  1.5  here.


FCH2RAIL deliverable D2.2 – Train-FCHPP interface. Block schematic

This deliverable shows the generic interfaces required for the installation of the FCHPP and defines the
key aspects and codes of practices to be considered to ensure a proper and safe integration of the
FCHPP in a generic train.

Download deliverable  2.2  here.